• Le Haut Commissariat aux droits de l’Homme exprime son soutien à la Commission Nationale des Droits de l’Homme.

  • Le président de la CNDH: « La priorité de notre caravane de droits de l’Homme sera de tourner définitivement la page de l’esclavage»

    Mardi 12 NOVEMBRE 2019
The National Commission on Human Rights is an independent and autonomous consultative body with a plural composition in charge of advising, observing, alerting, mediating and evaluating respect for human rights.

President's word

The National Commission of Human Rights has the essential mission to protect and promote the rights of our fellow citizens and foreigners present on our soil.

Calling for a constructive dialogue, open to civil society and development partners, the CNDH will carry out its mandate and accomplish its mission in perfect synergy with the public authorities and in collaboration with the United Nations mechanisms.

The path of human rights is an infinite path, it is normal that we are asked to do more because we want to do more and our compatriots ask for more. This effort is sometimes slow, it is normal that we are asked to act quickly.

This is how the legitimate aspiration of citizens to more freedom and more equality will be taken care of. Faced with the globalization of human rights to which we do not escape, citizens are demanding more and more rights, we must be an actor and not a spectator of this evolution, we must accompany it.


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